Soon there came a day when a woman of great physical and spiritual beauty came across my eyes in this land of industrialization. She came to me when my desire to search for all things divine was strongest. When she spoke, she spoke with a timid, swift and desirable whisper, as if her speech came from that of a siren. She proclaimed her name and it struck me with an onset of adolescence & a sense of bliss in my bones. I felt one with the world once more, & the air was softer… & sweeter then ever before. 
This was the moment all of the great philosophers, romantics, and theologians were speaking of. 
This was the moment of divine intervention. 
She soon drifted away like they all do. The beauty of a woman is ephemeral. They come & go within life, although the memory of them will perpetually arise in the mind. 
Women are the begging and end to all of men’s true desires in this life. 
Women posses potential for sexual encounters, although at the same time offer so much more then sensual pleasure. 
Even though women exhibit carnal beauty, there lies within them a great wisdom. A wisdom all men must confront and battle with on a daily basis. When the wisdom is reached, one finds out what true love consist of. True love is divine. It is eternal. The beauty of a woman must be cherished, and respected for all its existential, and metaphysical implications. 

woman give view to the transcendent,
the transcendent is within reach at all times,
god is everything, 
If god is everything then she is god.
the personification of god is only a learning curve.
narratives give us direction towards the realization of the divine. 
romance, beauty, and love help guide us to the heavens.
heaven is there for the taking, but will not be forever possessed, 
because with birth comes death, 
and with good, comes evil. 
If all things in reality are divine, transcendent and godly,
then evil and darkness will forever be eternal as well. 
there is no running in the totality of all things.
darkness will forever bring pain and sorrow, 
and light will forever bring another tomorrow.
this is what I see when a women's beauty is before me. 
I see the divine… forever trapped in my mind. 


la vita nuova

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